Training Facilitation

The body of knowledge necessary to thoroughly inspect a typical South African building is vast. My training has been designed with two aims in mind:

a. To focus on the job related knowledge needed by every building inspector/Home Inspector and,
b. To survey most areas of the building envelope.

Apart from the acquisition of detailed knowledge on the entire South African home building envelope, useful to any building inspector, the full course also provides a certified entry point into the private sector home inspection industry.


Training sessions feature:


  • Practice in building inspection techniques.
  • Collaboration strategies.
  • Understand crucial issues affecting performance.
  • Methods to meet deadlines.
  • Proven techniques to achieve project success.
  • Site Safety.


Training courses offered:


  • Home and Building Inspection 1
  • (For Intern Home/Building Inspectors and Valuators)

  • How to read building plans
  • (For Plan Examiners and Intern Home/ Building Inspectors)

  • Home and Building Inspection 2
  • (For Home/Building Inspectors)

  • Occupation Health and Safety
  • (For all in the Construction Industry)

  • Home Inspection for Real Estate Professionals
  • (For Real Estate Agents)